Civil Engineering Services

Civil engineers typically apply the principles of geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, environmental engineering, transportation engineering and construction engineering to residential, commercial, industrial and public works projects of all sizes and levels of construction. Civil Engineers work closely with surveyors and other project specialists, to design grading, drainage, pavement, water supply, sewer service, electric and communications supply and land divisions.

Subdivision Design

Our services for subdivision design include every step required for site planning, preparation and approval. We have extensive knowledge and experience in communicating with city and other governmental entities necessary to expedite the approval process.


We can address all issues with water and wastewater, to make sure the property is achieving its maximum potential.

Hydrology & Drainage Analyses (Detention and Water Quality Pond)

We provide solutions to water quantity and quality issues, including addressing government requirements to protect natural drainage courses for your site and adjacent sites. If there is an existing problem, we will find the most cost effective solution.

SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans)

We can provide all of the necessary information to the State and local governments that are required for pollution prevention.
The SWPPP is a document which identifies sources and activities at a particular facility that may contribute pollutants to storm water and commits the operator to specific control measures and time frames to prevent or treat such pollutants.
The SWPPP has three basic components: an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan for the temporary c onstruction period, a Water Quality Control Plan describing the permanent water treatment measures, and a Water Quantity Control Plan describing the permanent peak flow and volume control measures.

Landscape Assessment & planning

We work with landscaping professionals to determine how to incorporate landscaping and plants in the site design to maximize the property's potential.

Roadway Design

We offer Plan Line studies of existing roadways, widening of existing roadways or designing a new road or driveway.

Flood Plain Drainage Analysis

We also offer 100-year flood relocation, FEMA approved drainage calculation and revised FEMA maps.

Structural Engineering Services

Structural Engineers are concerned with the structural design and analysis of buildings, bridges, towers, flyovers, tunnels and other structures. This involves identifying the loads which act upon a structure and the forces and stresses which arise within that structure due to those loads, and then designing the structure to successfully support and resist those loads.
Design considerations will include strength, stiffness and stability of the structure when subjected to different types of loads which may be static, dynamic, or transitory. Other c onsiderations include cost, constructability, safety, aesthetics and sustainability.

Structural Site Design

Whether it is a home, a store or a shopping or business center, we have the experience you need for preparing your site plans, and obtaining approval from your city entity. We have experience with a variety of structure types, including reinforced concrete, time, tilt up, and light gauge.

Retaining Walls

We design retaining walls, provide inspections and reports, and address failures to existing walls or slopes.


We provide foundation plans, inspections and reports for structures with a concrete slab foundation or a pier and beam foundation.

Structural Analysis

We provide analysis for response spectrum, seismic and time history.

Project Management Services

Pre-application Meeting

Ensuring all government requirements are met is a critical phase of any construction project. The easiest way to avoid delays is to meet with government officials before submitting any plans. We understand what government agencies are looking for and how to ensure their requirements are met before filing documents.

Permit Processing

The red tape involved in obtaining a permit for a project can sometimes be a tedious experience. We are happy to take care of submitting the applications, as well as consulting and meeting with government agencies as necessary to obtain permits for your project.

Submittals to Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)-Watershed Protection Aquifer Program

We also provide services for TCEQ submittal and approval regarding site development and underground storage tank (UST) permits which includes the design calculation for water quality and related construction plans.